Saturday, October 4, 2014

Open video from in a new tab

If you want to see the video at clt website in fullscreen ot you want to open the video in a new tab, it is not possible directly. Just follow the following simple steps to achieve these
1) In chrome browser, right click on the page and click on inspect elements. It will open a new section
2) At the top left corner of this section, a magnifying glass can be found. Click on this magnifying glass and then click on the video. This will take to the section which is forming the video.
3)That will actually point to an object tag which is collapsed. Click on the small right arrow mark which is present before <object> This will result in opening of parameters for this tag (<param>)
4)Check the last parameter with name=flashVars and corresponding to this there is a value. Copy whatever is present in the value section i.e. inside the double quotes.
5)Append whatever is copied at step 4 in following string
6)So your final string will look something like
7)Paste this url in a separate tab and click enter.
Voila! It's done

You can even save the page which will actually save just the video as only video is present in this page.

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