Monday, June 23, 2014

Handle oracle cursor in java program

In my previous post, i explained how to create a cursor in pl/sql to be used in the java program.
In this post, i will be showing how to use a cursor inside a java program

First connection can be made using following string
dbConnection= DriverManager.getConnection(
                                                        "jdbc:oracle:thin:@host_name:port_name:sid/service_name", "user_id",

This connection can be used to call the function and get cursor reference:
CallableStatement cstmt = dbConnection.prepareCall("{? = call GetRefCursors1.sfGetAccountInterval1}");
after call package_name.function_name is given

This statement will restrict the number of rows to be fetched by the cursor in one run
This statement will set the return type as oracle cursor. After this cursor reference will be obtained.

ResultSet rs = (ResultSet)cstmt.getObject(1);
This will be used to traverse the cursor
Data can be obtained from the resultset in following manner:

These can be used in any manner required.

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